• Plant trees and shrubs using the 1904 Olmsted Planting Plan as a guide. Since 2006, we have planted about 200 trees and hundreds of shrubs.
  • Educate and involve the community in park stewardship through clean-ups, public presentations, and projects with service organizations.
  • Plant tulips and carry out other hands-on activities and events with an environmental focus for youth groups.
  • Celebrate Arbor Day by planting trees with youth groups.
  • Lead a historic walking tour of the park every May.
  • Present the annual Music Under the June Moon Concert.
  • Mentor Montclair High School seniors working in the park as part of the Career Internship Program.
  • Sponsor the annual Anderson Park Short Story Contest.
  • Advocate for the interests of Anderson Park in the context of government planning decisions.
  • Liaison to the Essex County Parks Department regarding issues in the park.
  • Apply for grants to further rehabilitate the park’s historic landscape and foster appreciation of its historic and cultural qualities.
  • Nominated the park to the State and National Registers of Historic Places, and prepared an in-depth history of the park. Anderson Park joined the National Register in 2009.
Scouts planting a tree on Arbor Day

On Arbor Day we plant trees with Scout troops in Anderson Park.

Anderson Park in 2020
Anderson Park in 2006
Young girl holding an earthworm

Discovering an earthworm: We teach children about the environmental importance of trees and the varied forms of life trees support.

Children planting tulip bulbs

Every fall, volunteers help Friends of Anderson Park plant May in Montclair tulips.