A family planting a legacy tree in Anderson ParkPlanting a tree creates an enduring legacy: many of the stately species in Anderson Park are more than a century old. A tree can serve as a memorial; it can celebrate a milestone birthday or a special anniversary; it can honor an achievement or event, such as a birth, graduation or wedding; and it can be a Valentine’s Day gift more lasting than chocolate and roses. And while a tree bestows a personal honor, it is also a gift to the community and the environment.

Legacy Tree donors may choose from locations and species that reflect Anderson Park’s historic 1904 Olmsted planting plan. Numerous species are available, from oaks to flowering redbuds.

We plant trees with a trunk of at least two-and-a-half inches in diameter and with a height of at least several feet because seedlings tend not to survive mowers and deer. A Legacy Tree costs between $250 and $450, depending on its size and species. This price includes the labor to plant these sizeable trees. (Shrubbery may also be donated and dedicated at a lesser cost.) Donors are welcome to participate on planting day.

Donors or an honored recipient receive a personalized certificate.

To discuss planting a Legacy Tree, contact Scott Kevelson at kevelson@friendsofandersonpark.com.