People enjoying the art fair

Art Fair

Every September for over 30 years the Fine Arts and Crafts Fair has drawn thousands of visitors to the park. Details for the event, organized by RoseSquared Productions, are at

A wedding in the park


Weddings, birthdays and other milestones in life are celebrated in the park, especially beneath the branches of the Olmsted Oak. Large events that require stages, chairs or other equipment may require a Special Event permit from the Essex County Parks Department. Permit fees and applications are at

People enjoying a concert in the park


Bring a blanket and pack a picnic: The annual Music Under the June Moon concert has been bringing free chamber music to the park since 2016. Check our Events page for the date.

Artist painting in the park


Plein-air artists find inspiration in Anderson Park, and some participate in Essex County’s annual summertime Plein Air Event. Watch our Events page for details.

Cross country skiing in the park

Cross-Country Skiing

Skiers enjoy gliding over pristine snow and taking in the scenery across the park’s largely flat terrain.

Dog walking is a popular park activity

Dog Walking

So much to sniff! Anderson Park is a favorite of many dogs and their human companions. Essex County rules require that dogs be leashed:

Dogs are not permitted on County property, except when held by leash or in a designated off-leash area and under the control of the owner or other person having such dog in charge. No dog or other domestic animal shall be permitted to be at large, and any owner or person in charge of such animal shall be responsible for the control thereof. Any owner or person in charge of any dog shall immediately remove all feces deposited by any dog on County property and dispose of it in a sanitary manner.”

Cross country skiing in the park

Scavenger Hunt

Kids can explore Anderson Park's nature and history through our scavenger hunt. Print out this double-sided guide to the hunt, which shows pictures of what to seek. Bring the guide and a pencil to the park, and check off each of the 16 items as you discover them! Everything included in the hunt should be findable throughout the four seasons.

Lacrosse match at Anderson Park

Field Sports

Lacrosse, soccer and touch football are all played on the park’s athletic field, with lacrosse having a long, distinguished history. Formal team sports require a permit from Essex County to reserve the field. Permit fees and applications are at

Throwing a frisbee in the park


Frisbees can fly far across the park’s meadow. Organized groups play Ultimate Frisbee here.

Children flying a kite

Kite Flying

The park’s wide-open meadow is superb for kites on a windy day.

People enjoying a picnic in the park


Everything tastes better al fresco. Pack a picnic or pick up food at one of the restaurants in the nearby Upper Montclair Business District.

Man sitting on a park bench reading a book


Reading, napping, meditation, knitting – it all happens here.

Woman running in the park


The park’s central asphalt oval is nearly a half-mile around. Add the smaller southeastern oval and the loop grows to 6/10th of a mile. (See map.)

Strolling with strollers in the park


Strollers, with or without babies, enjoy a fairly level grade and smooth asphalt paths. This also appeals to people who use wheelchairs. (Handicapped parking is at the south end of the park along Parkside Road.)

Group of people playing volleyball


Volleyball nets go up in the summer for organized and informal games.

Photo Credits

Art Fair: RoseSquared Productions
Celebrate: Dan Epstein Photography
Field Sports: The Montclair Dispatch/Photo by Eve Mahaney
Frisbee: Adam Anik for The Montclair Local
Kite Flying: Laudo Natel Nascimento
Volleyball: Darryl Jones of Jones Moving Pictures LLC