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A walk through historic Upper Montclair

Ever wonder where a respectable Montclairite could discreetly buy booze during Prohibition? Want to know where horses lived in Montclair amid the style of a classical Greek temple?
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Anderson Park presented with its Preservation Award

The Montclair Historic Preservation Commission presented Friends of Anderson Park with its Preservation Service Award on May 30, for work done over the past six years, including extensive replanting, successfully nominating the park to the National Register of Historic Places, and conducting historic walking tours and other community outreach. We extend our congratulations to the other recipients, as well: Ira Smith (Preservationist of the Year); HelenFallon (for research into the Montclair Heights area); St. Mark's United Methodist Church (the township's oldest African-American congregation, now thoroughly documented); Hillside Square (for adaptive reuse of the Christian Science Church); and 24 Upper Mountain Avenue (for excellence in restoration).

Master Plan: A vision for the future.

"A 5-Story Building Next to Anderson Park?"

That is how the email blast began from Scott Kevelson of Friends of Anderson Park, dismayed over parts of Montclair's new Master Plan that would allow buildings five to seven stories high to be built in the parking lots of the Upper Montclair Train Station, and across the street from the Bellevue Theater.
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Montclair Friends group awarded funding for Anderson Park

As a child playing in Anderson Park, Jean Clark couldn't see the street through the dense trees and shrubs that encompassed the park.

That was in the early 1930s.

Clark, the granddaughter of Charles W. Anderson, after whom the park was named, was born in a house on North Mountain Avenue across the street from the park, where the perimeter used to be plush with greenery. Click here to read entire story.

Anderson Park gets national recognition

Even shrouded in snow, Anderson Park attracts strollers, hikers and joggers. Sports teams vie on its wide grassland, as visitors enjoy its birds, botany and beautiful aesthetics.

Opening in 1905, four years after Montclair resident Charles W. Anderson donated the tract to Montclair, Anderson Park was designed by John Charles Olmsted, the nephew and stepson of Frederick Law Olmsted, the designer of Central Park in Manhattan.

Anderson Park is one of the first parks established in Essex County, which acquired the parkland from Montclair in 1901, according to the county. Click here to read entire story.

Friends shield park's shade and shrubbery

Jean Clark couldn't tell you what her first memory of Anderson Park is, but she says the park has changed since she was a child growing up in Montclair.

Clark, the granddaughter of Charles W. Anderson — the man who donated land to create Anderson Park —has lived within walking distance to the park nearly her entire life. When Clark was growing up, there were dense areas of shrubbery along the park's borders, which made it more isolated from the outside roadways. Now, she said, there are fewer shrubs, but the park is still a great place to visit. Click here to read entire story.

Friends Of Anderson Park Receives $12,500 Grant For 2008-09

The Friends of Anderson Park has been awarded a $12,500 grant by the New Jersey Historical Commission to prepare a nomination of the park to the State and National Registers of Historic Places. Once it is placed on the registers, this Olmsted-designed park will enjoy a special status and protection as it enters its second century. Click here to read entire story.

Two County Parks Get Upgrades
The Montclair Times
May 25, 2006

The 14.5-acre park, located within the permeter or Bellevue and North Mountain avenues and Parkside Place, is in its eight month of a $915,000 revitalization.... [County Executive] DiVincenzo credited the Friends of Anderson Park, a non-profit conservancy group of 70 families, which has been working closely with the Essex County Department of Public Works and Department of Parks, for realizing these initiatives. Click here to read entire story.

Anderson Park's Extremely Good Makeover

May 22, 2006

Scott Kevelson, founder of Friends of Anderson Park (FAP), has been working for months to make sure Essex County's renovation of Anderson Park in Montclair is done correctly, intelligently, and beautifully. Click here to read entire story.